JPods do not advertize. We will make our computers available to our customers and their chosen loyalty service provided. But we do not advertize. We charge to carry. A passenger my elect to be advertized to, but the credits provided go to their account from the advertizer.


    1. Business Benefits - Advertising
      1. The system provides a number of opportunities for local businesses to advertise to a captive audience while they travel to their destination.
      2. There will be station signage tailored to the station. This can provide general system information interspersed with general or station/business-specific advertising. The advertising content is provided to the system through business arrangements and rolled out using system infrastructure.
      3.  Advertising may be tailored based on information such as the destination, current location (e.g., when coming up on Sahara Monorail), any package to which the ride belongs (e.g., a dinner package), or other key triggers that can be defined
      4. Patrons may also purchase a feature where advertising is limited. This feature may be purchased and would provide revenue in place of advertising