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      1. Extend the Las Vegas area actions for retooling transportation using Hyperloop and the Boring Company to include JPods solar-powered mobility networks.
      2. Leverage existing standards:
        1. Use the existing Rights of Way standards for cell towers and other networks that serve the public good.
        2. Use the widely used safety standard, ASTM F24, so that the jobs created building the JPods networks in Las Vegas can export the value of their labor to other states and countries that use that same regulation.
        3. Combine these existing standards into the 5X5 Standard that other cities can adopt to implement networks made in Las Vegas:
          1. Grant non-exclusive Rights of Way access to networks at least 5 times more efficient than existing roads (125 mpg) unless rejected in writing within 30 days.
          2. Networks pay 5% of their gross transportation revenues for non-exclusive use of public Rights of Way.
          3. Regulate by existing ASTM F24 (Clark County Building Code) standards.
          4. Example: Massachusetts Senate Bill S.1993.
      3. Start small, iterate relentlessly. 
        1. Grant a Franchise Ordinance for networking Symphony Park, the Outlet Malls, the Fremont Street Experience, and the Sahara monorail station. 
        2. Based on successful execution, allow expansion of the network to cover all practical areas of the City.
        3. The scale of the market need for JPods and Hyperloops in the US is about 4 times the miles of railroads and 1/4th the lane miles of urban roads, or about 500,000 miles. The current clustering of the Physical Internet® in Las Vegas will be significant.